About Us
Fishing is a fun, stress-relieving activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Our goal at Fish Finders Australia is to provide the best marine and fishing educational programs to children of all ages. The programs offer the opportunity for children to discover the ‘essence of fishing and the environment’.  It is fun, it is interactive and above all, it is entertaining!

Our Director, Jason Hoyland, has spent many years on the water, from professionally fishing for squid in the Bass Strait of Tasmania;  To working internationally with Research and Development companies as an Australian representative focusing on herring and other species in the Norwegian Sea.

Working internationally allowed him to extend his knowledge in the field of Fisheries Management and Science. He attained his formal qualification of Bachelor of Applied Science Fisheries Degree at the Australian Maritime College in 2000.  He was a valued, accomplished employee of the Commonwealth Department, Australian Fisheries Management Authority, for over 4 years in Canberra.

His superior fishing and guiding skills saw him gain Accreditation with the Professional Fishing Instructors & Guides Association of Australia in 2015. He was quickly voted to the role of NSW State Representative unanimously by the Executive Committee of the Association. He represented the PFIGA at various conferences and meetings throughout this time, that were held on behalf of the Australia Recreational Fishing Industry and the Department of Primary Industries NSW.

His passion for fishing and our beautiful oceans, his knowledge of the marine environment and his superior knowledge of fishing, is evident in the many interesting and unique programs that Fish Finders Australia has to offer. 

Our team has taught thousands of children of all ages and abilities from the big cities to the small rural towns of Australia. We pride ourselves on delivering the most informative, interesting and engaging programs that keep children captivated and wanting more!

Fish Finders Australia is already gaining a reputation for their exceptional children’s programs! With a whole host of new programs and a strong focus on customer service we are ready to bring our programs to you.

Contact us right now using the form below or call 0474 430 757 to book in!

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