Fish Finders Australia Marine & Fishing Education School Incursions and Excursions run across NSW, VIC, TAS and QLD are an excellent way for children to be introduced to Fishing.

With a portfolio of unique programs that have been created over years by a team of Professional, Acclaimed Champion Anglers/Fishing Instructors, Primary/High School Science Teachers and input from those with Commercial Fishing and Government fishing compliance backgrounds.....children are given a well rounded, skillful pathway to becoming an angler with a knowledgeable approach to fishing.

As our programs were created in conjunction with input from School Teachers from Primary and High School sectors, we have programs that satisfy various outcomes of the Dept Ed Syllabus for Stages K-3 and customised programs for PDHPE, Science and Elective sports for High Schools.

For an information booklet regarding any of these programs, please email or call 0474 430 757.