Beginner - Recreational Fishing Technique/Knowledge & Skills Clinic
A course for people at the beginner skill level or new to the sport.
Fishing techniques covered include only land based using a thread line combo (spin rod) and bait fishing only.
Total Hours:
1.5 hours x 1 day
$140 single person all inclusive  
$160 fixed rate 2 people all inclusive
$180 fixed rate 3 people all inclusive
$200 fixed rate 4 people all inclusive
****More than 5 students will incur large group discounts
Provided to each student in all courses:      
- 1 x Rod & Reel Combo (for use during lesson only)
- All tackle and line needed (for use during lesson only)
- Lures (where relevant)
- Casting plugs and targets
- Fishing Chair
- Bait 
Photos of student catches will be taken and made available upon request

Students will be required to have the following upon commencement of the lesson:

- A current fishing licence for adults.  These can be purchased from most tackle stores and service stations for between $5 for one day to $75 for 3 years.  
- Sunscreen
- A water bottle for drinking
- Camera
- Sunglasses beneficial
Course Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the course,students will possess the following skills and knowledge:
- Ability to cast accurately and safely into the fish target zone
- Knowledge of different species physical and behavioural traits
- Identify the correct fishing environment for target species
- Prepare equipment and tackle
- Knots and rigs
- Presentation of bait or lures
- The benefits and techniques of catch and release procedure
- Identify the ideal tides and weather conditions and hazards that can occur
- Preservation of relevant ecosystem
- Sound knowledge of the legalities involving bag limits, closed seasons and       protected species
- Ability to clean and prepare a catch for consumption